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Rod Smith mythtv at rodsbooks.com
Sun Feb 18 01:17:28 UTC 2007

On Friday 16 February 2007 16:58, michaelachandler at cox.net wrote:
> After lots of looking here, I'm thinking of getting an Avermedia A180 to
> work with Mythtv, using my Cox cable, for hi-def TV recording.
> Maybe I missed something, but I found some on ebay with this disclaimer:
> "Note: Product for free-to-air HDTV broadcasts only, product DOES NOT
> receive satellite or cable HDTV transmissions."
> What's this? I couldn't use it with cable, but it appears lots of you are?
> Thanks.

Others have posted some good information, but I thought I'd add this: I've 
seen claims that the Avermedia A180 ships with Windows drivers that support 
ATSC but not QAM. The Linux drivers for the board, though, support both 
standards. If true (I can't verify it), this would be a rare case where the 
Linux drivers are superior to the Windows drivers.

Rod Smith

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