[mythtv-users] Time Warner Cable, DCT6200, Firewire: Anyone else having problems recording recently?

G B mythtvusers-guynoir at sneakemail.com
Sun Feb 18 00:09:22 UTC 2007

    I'm in Texas on Time Warner Cable, and I've been using my DCT6200 to
record through a firewire connection. A few days ago, I noticed that no
recordings were being made, and it turned out that the firewire node
number on my box had changed (remote upgrade & reset?). Now shows record
sporadically (e.g. fails to record The Daily Show, but records The
Colbert Report, airing just after), and I end up with a bunch of 0-size
files (and the "FireRec: No Input in 15 seconds" message in the logs for
those shows).

    Is anyone else having similar problems? Could it be a problem with
the cable provider? Is there anything that I can change about my
firewire connection to make it more reliable?



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