[mythtv-users] Deinterlacing Methods

Wim Fokkens wimfokkens at planet.nl
Sat Feb 17 15:53:23 UTC 2007

Hi Daniel

> > > The vertical resolution needs to be a multiple of 2 of the
> > > video source vertical resolution for the bobbing to
> > > completely disappear.
> > I tried this I made a modeline with a resolution of
> > 1840 x 1152 @50Hz and feed this to a 24" Sun VGA monitor.
> > But I still could see some bobbing I took 2x 576 with are
> > the visible line of pal. Or should I take the total number
> > of lines (625)
> You need exactly double the lines of the displayed lines
> So 1152 would be correct. You should also know that certain
> drivers, such as nVidia drivers in the 6xxx series and later,
> have a bug in XvMC which introduces additional bobbing and
> can not be corrected for. 

I am not using XvMC at the moment. I found that using the standard (ffmpeg)
codec with the bobdeinterlacer gives the best result.

> The only solution here is to use an older driver or use one of the new
>OpenGL bob deinterlacers.

Do you mean the stuff Mark Kendall is working on or are there already OpenGL
dienterlacers available. I am using MythTV-0.20-144 (MythDora 3.2)



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