[mythtv-users] Gallery browsing, moving up one level

Melle R. Holthuis forums at melena.homeip.net
Sat Feb 17 14:33:51 UTC 2007


I'm new to this list and enthousiastically testing mythtv for future use in a 
Media PC in the living room. I want to use it for TV recording, viewing , 
photo viewing , watching DVD movies/ home movies and playing music. 
Everything as you can see..;-)

My first question is whether Gallery's behavior to jump back to the main 
mythtv menu when I want to go back. I have browsed into a number of folders, 
then I want to just browse back up one or two levels , but instead myhttv 
takes me back to the main menu. I am hoping there is a setting to change this 
behaviour or a different key mapping for the "back" key on my remote. It is 
quite annoying to have to navigate backt to the place you want to be every 

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