[mythtv-users] Mythdora Install 99% done

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Feb 17 03:19:39 UTC 2007

On Feb 16, 2007, at 7:55 PM, Gil Steidle wrote:

> Thanks for all of the ideas. NO luck yet. I've tried cat /dev/ 
> video0 > test.mpg and replaying it but I'm still eating static.  
> I've tried us-cable-hrc an us-cable-irc (and just us-cable), then I  
> do the channel scan (when it is scanning is there supposed to be  
> channel listings popping up when it scans a real channel? I'm not  
> seeing anything but the process bar working its way to 100%). This  
> is proves fruitless too.
> Here is the dmesg log. It looks to me like the type is correct. Any  
> guesses?

Sure looks like IVTV is happy, it recognized the tuner and set it  

Have you double-checked the basics:

Connected the very same coax that's going to your PVR to a TV set and  
ensured that there is actually RF signal on it?

Created a video source and associated it with the tuner input of the  
PVR card? Be sure you name the video source something, Mythtv-setup  
will let you have no name but this can cause trouble.

When you type a channel # does its how up on the screen? Do you get  
the capture card identifier on-screen when you go to live-TV?

Try using ivtvctl/ivtv-tune to set the card up before you cat the  
card's output to a file, run them with -help to get the command  

If you can't get a manual recording with cat you'll never get one  
with Myth, work 'till you can get a decent cat-ed file then try Myth.

All this is obvious I know, but you'd be surprised how often I  
overlook something simple and stupid (as in just a couple of hours  
ago ):-)

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