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michaelachandler at cox.net michaelachandler at cox.net
Sat Feb 17 02:36:29 UTC 2007

I want to thank all who responded to this.

My situation is perhaps different than most of you, in that I'll be sharing my cable with my landlord, who resides in a seperate residence on the same property.

The incoming  cable is split before it goes into his house where he has the "cable box" from the provider on his TV. The other split goes to my house. In my house I split it again, for TV and for internet.

I was concerned that the signal need to go through his "cable box" before it comes to me, in order for me to have HDTV. The way I read your replies, I'll still be able to get  fox, nbc, abc, and a few others without that. 
That's all I need anyway.
Thanks again, folks.

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