[mythtv-users] dumb recording question

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Feb 17 00:48:31 UTC 2007

Kevin Cossaboon wrote:
> is there a way to record
> All Episodes of a Show
> That have a substring in the description
> example
> Tape all shows "24" that have "day 6" in the description

In order of ease to accuracy:

0) Under "Scheduling Options" choose the "Record new episodes
only" dup options because that's what the example suggests
you are really after.

1) Search Words->Keywords. <New Phrase>, "day 6", "Record".
Note that to create a search rule, you need to click the
"Record" button on the popup. If you are looking at results,
press "M"enu to get back to the popup and create the rule.

However, this may match other shows with %day 6% in the
descriptive info.

2) Search Words->Advanced, <New Search>. ", title "24", subtitle
"day 6", OK, "M", "Record". There is a remote possibility that
this could match another show but this is what I'd recommend.

3) Schedule Recordings->Custom Record.


Rule Name: 24 Day 6

program.title = '24'
AND program.subtitle LIKE 'Day 6: %'

There isn't a chance in hell this will match anything other
than the day six season of the show titled "24".

--  bjm

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