[mythtv-users] remote control recommendation

Joe Harvell jharvell+lists.mythtv-users at dogpad.net
Fri Feb 16 19:53:02 UTC 2007

I am looking for a remote control to use with my MythTV and A/V system.  
I have an IRTrans Translator (http://www.irtrans.de/en), but I need a 
remote.  I don't want to spend a lot of money, so a touch screen is not 
what I'm looking for.  Here is what I *am* looking for in order of most 
to least important.

    * It has to be able to send IR codes that are not already recognized
      by my existing A/V components (DVD player, TV, DISH receiver, A/V
      receiver).  So ideally, it would be programmable so that I could
      program it to interact with a device I don't have.
    * It needs to have lots of keys with lots of labels  (e.g., up,
      down, left, right, enter, info, menu, cancel, etc.) so I can
      assign the corresponding functions of MythTV and my A/V components
      to a key with a label that intuitively matches the function.
    * It needs to be able to send IR commands that are recognized by the
      IRTrans Translator as the same command every time.  Some remotes
      (e.g. my DISH remote) seem to transmit slightly differently each
      time, but the device it controls is able to discern which key is
      being pressed.  So I can't really use my DISH remote to control
      things for which I have to recognize and translate.  This applies
      to the IRTrans Translator and LIRC in general.
    * It needs to be able to learn IR commands that I transmit from my
      IRTrans Translator so that I can program it with discrete codes
      for my A/V devices.  Actually, this would be nice but is not
      strictly necessary since I can store a translation in the IRTrans
      translator, but it would be nice not to have to translate.

Any recommendations?

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