[mythtv-users] Upscaling standalone DVD vs. MythTV

David Campbell dave at cpfc.org
Fri Feb 16 17:58:47 UTC 2007

Willy Boyd wrote:
> On 2/16/07, David Campbell <dave at cpfc.org> wrote:
>> Bill Chmura wrote:
>>> Another thing to consider is the load on your box.  Right now I am forced to use my back-end as my front-end also - which has three tuners.  If I up-scaled a DVD it could put an unnecessary load on the box and cause who knows what kind of problems it could cause with recordings and such.
>> Correct me if I'm wrong but there isn't any upscaling going on in
>> MythDVD - it's just squirting out MPEG 2 as is.
>> Or am I missing something subtle here?
> If you're running your display at a resolution higher than DVD, say
> for example 1280x720, then playing mpeg2 "fullscreen" means playing it
> 1280x720 pixels.  So yes, it's upscaling.

Interesting, I am running X at 1360x768, which is my LCD television's 
native resolution and everything looks stunning, especially DVDs but to 
a lesser extent MPEG4.



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