[mythtv-users] howto debug mytharchive

Michael Drons mdrons at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 16 04:43:18 UTC 2007

I unable to create DVD with mytharchive.  How do I
debug the error.  
The error message is:
**ERROR: [mplex] File
**ERROR: [mplex] Unrecogniseable file(s)... exiting.
STAT: Picking VTS 01

I see no other error messages in the log file.  Can
someone describe/explain the steps mytharchive uses to
create a DVD.  If I understand the steps I can
manually do them to see if I can find an error.  Or
what command creates the stream.mv2 file?  I have
attached the full log in hopes that someone sees
something I did not.

I have searched the archive and everything points me
to the ICE issue.  I have deleted my .ICE* files and
still get the error.

Can someone point me in a direction to figure this

Thanks Mike

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