[mythtv-users] entering wrong group pw locks frontend

Al al210 at hamster.foxhollow.ca
Thu Feb 15 14:54:21 UTC 2007

>* On Wed Feb 14, 2007 at 06:29:44PM -0800, Yeechang Lee wrote:
>> Al <al210 at hamster.foxhollow.ca> says:
>> > Entering a wrong password displays an empty list of programs with
>> > the text "Sorry, No Recordings Available".  There appears to be no
>> > escape from that.
>> Al, this happens to me too. I'd been meaning to file an SVN ticket but
>> never got around to it; why don't you go ahead?
> I'm unable to reproduce this on revision 12617 from trunk.  The password
> dialog won't go away unless I type in the correct password, there is
> no way that I see to make it accept a bad password.  Are you running
> a version prior to or after 12617?
> --
> Chris

I'm using 0.20-150.fc6.at from Jan 16 rpms.  Apparently revision 12545.
There are more recent ones that I will upgrade to in the near future.

You are correct in that there is no way to make it accept a bad password, 
but upon initiating the password entry there is also no escape except to 
enter the correct one.  The whole point of having a password is to protect 
from unauthorized users and they will undoubtedly give it a try, which makes 
the FE unusable until I can restart it.

The sequence I used is:
1. Enter wrong info into the password box.
2. Attempt various things like ENTER and BACKSPACE to get out of it.
3. ESC will close the password box, but leave an unresponsive "no recordings 

As far as the ticket, I'm not familiar with the submission process.
I'll check that out further, but if someone wishes to do so before that it 
would be appreciated.
There might even be an existing ticket too. 

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