[mythtv-users] infamous "Access denied" on mythtv-setup/frontend/backend

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Feb 15 04:34:51 UTC 2007

Trey Thompson wrote:
>> Trey Thompson wrote:
>>> well, aparantly I did something to really foul things up.
>>> $ mysql -u mythtv -p -e "show database"
>>> returns the list of databases
>>> $ mysql -u root -p -e "show database"
>>> does also
>>> But, mythtv-setup  gives "Access denied for user 'mythtv'@'%' to
>>> database 'mythconverg'
>> Maybe you need to make sure that mythtv user and the host that is
>> accessing the dB have access.
Use 'mysql -u root -p mysql'
'select host,user,password from user;'

That will show the hosts, users and password status for all mysql users.

mysql> select host,user,password from user;
| host                  | user     | password         |
| localhost             | root     |                  |
| blather.mandamus.org  | mythtv   | 0476fc026afffe24 |
| localhost             | mythtv   | 0476fc026afffe24 |

You have an error for 'mythtv'@'%'. '%' is the mysql wildcard. Something 
weird in your setup, since that *should* work..


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