[mythtv-users] entering wrong group pw locks frontend

Al al210 at hamster.foxhollow.ca
Wed Feb 14 23:34:26 UTC 2007

I set a password on a recording group.

Entering the correct password works as it should.
I tested a wrong password to ensure that fails and this results in a 
situation requiring the frontend to be killed.

Entering a wrong password displays an empty list of programs with the text 
"Sorry, No Recordings Available".
There appears to be no escape from that.

A search of the archives shows one old question to this (see below), but no 

Anyone have a solution?
I'm running myth .20 on FC6

--quote from http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/196333#196333


I set a password on a newly create program group, then moved a couple
items to it. If I enter the correct password when changing the group
filter it works fine, but if I put in the wrong password and hit the
exit button on my remote (which is mapped to ESC), the password prompt
disappears and the recording lists screen says there's nothing to
watch (it's totally blank). All that is fine, except, at this point, I
can't exit, change to another filter, nothing! None of the remote keys
I tried work at all. I have to kill/restart mythfrontend. I didn't try
keyboard keys at the blank recordings menu, but I suspect it wouldn't
work either... Can someone confirm if this is a bug? 

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