[mythtv-users] Internal DVD player layer change glitch?

Scott list-mythtv at bluecamel.eml.cc
Tue Feb 13 23:40:57 UTC 2007

On Feb 12, 2007, at 3:16 PM, Scott wrote:

> Greets.
> I'm using MythTV 0.20 fixes patch 12599 on Gentoo.  Lately I've been
> trying out he Internal DVD player more and I've noticed a problem
> with the layer change on several disks. During the layer change I see
> the video slow or stutter slightly with no change in audio and then
> lose Close Captions.
> Can anyone else confirm this behavior? I searched for known bugs on
> this and didn't see one. I'm hoping someone else can confirm the
> problem and offer suggestions on what information to gather before I
> report it as a bug.

Anyone ... ? FWIW, I see it on the ISO files I've ripped as well as  
DVD playback. In both cases I use the Internal player.


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