[mythtv-users] 6150 Component output

Steven Ellis steven at openmedia.co.nz
Tue Feb 13 19:58:49 UTC 2007

Alex Halovanic wrote:
> For the record, I'm using an Asus CSM, which is apparently having the
> trouble switching the standards, so if other people confirm that it
> works on the M2NPVM-VM, I'd chalk it up to some quirk of my hardware,
> despite the supposedly identical chipsets.
No it appears I have the same problems on the M2NPV-VM. Unless I start X
with the correct resolution it won't fill the screen if I change down to
1280x720 or lower. Works fine on DVI. Running NVidia binary driver
version 1.0-9746

> On 2/12/07, Calvin Harrigan <charriglists at bellsouth.net> wrote:
>> Chad wrote:
>>>> Now I am really confused...  Anyone else used the component out on the
>>>> M2NPV-VM?
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>>> Yes, I run that board with component out.  I've also sold a couple of
>>> systems that use that particular board and the Component works.  With
>>> the older drivers (8xxx-series) it was tempermental, with the newer
>>> 9xxx series, it works quite well.  I personally have that board on 2
>>> Monitors.  One is a Sony Wega CRT with Component in, but it's only
>>> 480i, the other is a Projector at 480p.  I've also hooked it up to a
>>> 720p Samsung DLP and a 1080p Samsung DLP, all produce quality results.
>>> So, yes, it's possible, and it does work.  And yes it does require
>>> TVStandard to be correctly identified.
>>> -Chad
>> I guess what I really need to find out for certain is if I can change
>> resolutions on the component outputs on the fly.
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