[mythtv-users] cannot connect to backend if using S-Video

Peter Ebert ebertp at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 19:12:28 UTC 2007

To bring you up to speed:
-Installed knoppmyth on vga monitor
-connected to tv with s-video through geforce 7300 le - could not connect to
backend server, dont see why the XF86Config file would have anything to do
with this, but figured i'd change it to the sample that is provided - this
fixed the problem after rebooting
-reset the computer later and when it started up got the same error as
before changing the s-video configuration.

Is there something I can do here other than restarting and praying it will
find the backend?

Like so many others i'm new, and I need low-end instructions on how to make
these changes.

I thought this would be easy to google and fix but it turned out not to be,
thanks for the help.
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