[mythtv-users] Strange Issue with Myth and HDHomeRun

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 15:33:44 UTC 2007

> The F/E accesses the database over the network when it starts up.  Just
> a possibility.

Yes, the F/E is accessing the database over the network, but I guess my
point is it doesn't seem like it would be a bandwidth issue because I can't
imagine just accessing the database is stressing the network.  Unless the
HDHR is taking up almost the entire bandwidth, which seems unlikely, and any
little extra activity is pushing it over the edge.  Even if this was the
case I would expect to see some evidence of dropped packets, or something
like that.

Was that a new master B/E or a slave B/E?  If you duplicated the setup
> on different hardware and it works, then you have your answer (hardware
> issue).  If you didn't duplicate the same setup then all you did was
> shoot in the dark.

It was a new master B/E, but no I didn't duplicate the setup on different
hardware, and really can't because at least at this point I'm not about to
pull the two working tuner cards out of my B/E.   Like you said, it was
pretty much a shot in the dark.  All I did was prove that the HDHR could
work with Myth in a split B/E, F/E setup, but I guess I pretty much already
knew that.

Have you checked the power supply in your problem B/E?  If your supply
> is marginal, the extra load on the system when a F/E is connected
> (network activity, HDD access) might be enough to push it over the edge
> too.

I have not looked into the power supply, but I guess I should add it to the
list of possible issues.  The thing is if it was a P/S issue I would think
that other types of extra activity on the B/E should be able to cause the
same problem, but as of yet I have not seen that.   Unless the Myth F/E is a
lot more of a resource hog that I think it is.

Have you tries removing IPCop from the equation for a test?

Other than moving the B/E and the HDHR out of the DMZ and into the internal
network, which now seems like it should be on my list of things to try, I'm
not sure how I would remove IPCop from the equation.

You really need to step back and follow the rule of change only one
> thing at a time, document, test.  If it works you've found your problem,
> if not you need to put things back the way they were, and repeat.  Yes,
> it is a slow and tedious process but it will eventually lead you to the
> solution.

You're right, I'm probably trying too many things at once, but some of that
is due to lack of time and/or resources.  My frustration is coming from the
fact that other than a slightly atypical network setup, I don't think I'm
trying anything crazy here.  This thing should "just work", or if it doesn't
work should be kicking out some type of error, whether it be in netstat,
ifconfig, dmesg, /var/log/messages, etc. and I'm just not seeing that.

Thanks again for everyone's input; it is very much appreciated.
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