[mythtv-users] No sound in recording or LiveTv

Christer Assmundsson christer at assmundsson.com
Tue Feb 13 03:01:48 UTC 2007


As this is my first post, please have some mercy :-)

My problem is that I have lost my sound !

It used to work a few days ago, but something I did apparently broke it. I
have spent countless hours lokking through my system, google and this list,
all in vain.

LiveTV and timed recordings behave the same.
Old recordings from before the problem still produce sound, so outgoing
sound appears OK, so it must be in the recording end.

If I enable (de-mute) Line playback in alsamixer I hear the TV-show (but
obviously not in sync).

I get no errors in any logs (messages, mythfrontend, mythbackend) 

My system is a gentoo linux, amd64 dual core with 1Gb RAM and integrated
soundcard (nvidia nforce as snd-intel-hda). My sound goes into the line-in.
My capture card is an old win-tv (bttv) where I only use composite video in.
The signal comes from my external satelite-box, (controlled with
ir-blaster/lirc). My system is updated to the current gentoo-portage tree on
a semi-daily basis meaning mythtv 0.20.0_p12599, alsa 1.0.13 and kernel
2.6.18 (gentoo-sources)

I can't think of any logs or files to attach, but I will readliy do so if
someone can tell me what files would be interesting.

Please give me a hint where I can look for the problem. I am now soooo close
to actually getting this box to work the way I told my wife it should... ;-)

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Best Regards,


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