[mythtv-users] Original Air Date...

Josh TwoOneSix at thatclothingco.com
Mon Feb 12 23:02:00 UTC 2007

Nate Crosno wrote:
> Josh wrote:
>> I have my Recordings list sort by the original air date for an 
>> episode... does anyone know of a way to actually have the original air 
>> date of a show post on the recording details? I've been up for over a 
>> year now and if I have simply overlooked it somewhere I'll be shocked.
> I had to edit the "ui.xml" for my theme. I found the info somewhere online, but 
> forgot where.  Here is a snip from my file. I am using 'mythcenter wide' and 
> this shows the date (without year, unfortunately) down in the description area. 
> If memory serves, I think it took editing a CPP file and recompiling in order 
> to change the date format to include the year.  It has not been high enough on 
> the priority list to track down.  I also edited it to show the file size, which 
> is a quick way to tell if the file has been transcoded yet.
>      <container name="program_info_play">
>        <context>0</context>
>        <area>64,391,1152,293</area>
>        <textarea name="title" draworder="6">
>          <area>0,0,992,50</area>
>          <altarea>0,0,1152,50</altarea>
>          <font>title</font>
>        </textarea>
>        <textarea name="channel" draworder="6">
>          <area>0,50,160,40</area>
>          <font>info</font>
>        </textarea>
>        <textarea name="timedate" draworder="6">
>          <area>200,50,792,40</area>
>          <altarea>200,40,952,40</altarea>
>          <font>info</font>
>        </textarea>
>        <textarea name="subdescr" draworder="6">
>          <area>0,90,1152,164</area>
>          <font>info</font>
>          <multiline>yes</multiline>
>          <value>%SUBTITLE|"|"
> Original Air Date: %SHORTORIGINALAIRDATE%     Filesize: %FILESIZE_STR% </value>
>        </textarea>
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OK, thanks. I'm getting ready to put another slave backend in my setup 
and when I do that I'll first use it to tweak some of the theme xml to 
try and get the original air date to display... it's frustrating because 
it will sort the shows by Original Air Date it would only make sense to 
display it also... I guess it really depends on the theme. I'm actually 
using MythCenter (not wide, yet) on my main frontend so I'm sure this 
snip will get the job done for me. The file size is a great idea too 
since I find myself going "did that show already..."



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