[mythtv-users] Which input on plasma is best to use?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Mon Feb 12 21:01:27 UTC 2007

> I've the choice of connecting my Myth box to a Pioneer plasma screen with 
> S-Video or with SVGA. I've tried SVGA which gives a nice picture (except when 
> watching TV, because the PVR-350 gives ugly results uptill now) but before 
> fidling with xorg.conf to get S-Video running, I was wondering if anybody 
> knew which one is supposed to be superior: SVGA or S-Video.

SVGA.. definitely.

The reason the picture quality looks so horrible via SVGA on your 
PVR-350 is because SVGA is progressive scan whereas your over-the-air 
stuff is interlaced.

When hooked via the VGA port, you're essentially displaying on it as if 
it were a computer monitor, and you will get the best possible picture 
that way.

Via S-Video, you are limited to a 480i picture, which is fine for 
regular TV images, but everything else (DVD's, HD content) could look so 
much better. :)

One of the ways to display the 480i TV content on your nice high-def 
screen is to enable the checkbox for "de-interlace video" and select 
"Bob (2x framerate)".  This will have your Myth box work a little 
harder, but it will essentially "upconvert" your normal 480i content to 
progressive.  The results won't be fantastic since you are limited by 
the quality of your source (in other words: upconverting can only do so 
much), but it should look between good and very good. :)


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