[mythtv-users] Problems changing channels through EPG

Bas van den Heuvel bas at better-it-solutions.nl
Mon Feb 12 12:15:05 UTC 2007

>> On 10/02/07, Bas van den Heuvel <bas at better-it-solutions.nl> wrote:
>>> Hello there,
>>> I'm running 0.20 with a DVB card. I've updated the channel table so
>>> that
>>> the
>>> channum field contains something usefull for me.
>>> Everything seems OK, but now i'm no longer able to change channels
>>> through the
>>> EPG (with select button) it just returns to live tv.
>> The backend log will probably tell you what the problem is regarding
>> tuning. Did you change any other settings at the time you updated the
>> channum values? Did you restart the backend after the update?
>> Nick
>> --
> The Log file don't show anything about the tuning. Tuning works ok when I
> press channel down and channel up. Only when i'm in the EPG en press OK on
> a different channel, it just returns to live tv (without changing channel)
> Greetings,
> Bas

Sorry for replying to my own mail, but I've noticed that I'm also not able
to change channels by tapping the channel number directly.

Anyone seen similar behavior ?


Bas van den Heuvel

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