[mythtv-users] playback problems

Henrik Beckman henrik.list at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 08:07:06 UTC 2007


This is my first visit to this list, been using myth for a while though.

I have a 2 problems that I need help with, I think the might be related.

1) I record standard DVB-T and for playback I use the kerneldeint
deinterlacer, picture quality is great.
Sometimes though especially in panning motions video is choppy or jerky or
how one should try to explain that, like the framerate should be to low.

2) Playback of ripped DVD files has periodic freezing and stuttering which
seems to be affected by subtitels, playback of the same
titles in mplayer outside of myth is ok, I use mplayer as the player in
myth, I have also tried gxine without any major difference.

Myth is running in ubuntu edgy on a Atlon64 3200+ with 1GB of RAM and a
Nvidia 6150 based motherboard with nvidia graphics driver.
Disk are 2 Samsung sata drives 250 and 400GB, Tv-card is a Hauppage nova-t
( not rely relevant but incase someone needs to know it is housed in a antec
fusion case, has an MS mediacenter remote and a samsung sata DVD and uses
optical audio out)

I use a 32" DiBoss LCD tv thats connected via DVI-HDMI

All and any help is appreciated, TIA.

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