[mythtv-users] wireless keypad for a remote control?

David Campbell dave at cpfc.org
Sun Feb 11 20:33:15 UTC 2007

ryan patterson wrote:
> What do people think about using a wireless numeric key pad for a remote 
> control on their mythtv box?  It would have the advantage of not having 
> to configure lirc at all.  Also it is RF wireless not IR.  So the USB 
> receiver dongle can be plugged in to the rear of the mythtv box.  It 
> would be nice if there was a way to reassign the numlock and backspace 
> keys.  Or if there was a numlock status LED on the pad it would be great.

I use one of these


It's amazing - means I can play MAME and other emulators without a 
keypad.  It also has a mini joystick mouse and required zero configuration.

I won't use a remote with myth again.

David Campbell :: www.cpfc.org

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