[mythtv-users] tranquilPC T2e and EN board running MythTV: hot CPU

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 11 12:09:17 UTC 2007


Since my previous posting about this subject I have been wrestling to
get the heatpipe working well in the TranquilPC T2e case.

When the VIA EN12000 is running Myth, playing SD TV directly from a
broadcast, the CPU is 80+% idle.
CPU temperature rises to 55 degrees Celsius or about 131 degrees
Fahrenheit in a fairly cool room of 17 degrees Celcius.
Top of the CPU heatsink does not reach 55 degrees at all even though the
right (small!) amount of heatpaste was applied and all springed screws
are tightened to the maximum.
I checked this many times, as well as the 'hinge' where the heatpipe
attaches to the side coolblock which could tilt the CPU heatsink
slightly when not properly aligned.
Even somewhat loosening the screws of the top heatsinks which clamp the
heatpipe to the bottom heatsinks, to make sure the heatsink can rest
flatly on the CPU, does not fix the cooling issue.

This case should cool the CPU on the EN board to 35-40 degrees (Celsius)
in a 20 degree room, 15-20 degrees lower than the current temperatures.
Is there a heatpipe expert reading this who can help me fix the cooling
of this fanless T2e case?


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