[mythtv-users] Setting up a USB IR receiver (Streamzap)

Neil Cherry ncherry at comcast.net
Sun Feb 11 01:06:52 UTC 2007

Chris Weiland wrote:
> Ok, those dmesg errors were from a change that I had made to the lirc 
> source from apt (0.8.0-9).  I got a cvs snapshot from lirc.org 
> <http://lirc.org>, version 0.8.1-pre5, and it worked after chaning the 
> "SLAB_ATOMIC"'s to "GFP_ATOMIC" in order to get it to compile.  Looks 
> like everything is working now.
> That was WAY too much effort.

Write down what you did just in case you need to redo because of
some kernel upgrade or the loss of a drive. That way you won't have
to go searching for all the details again.

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