[mythtv-users] I want one!

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Feb 10 22:20:52 UTC 2007

On Feb 10, 2007, at 2:56 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:

> On 02/09/2007 05:03 PM, Yan Seiner wrote:
>> <http://www.toshibadisplays.com/P56QHD.htm>
>> (And you think you have problems driving a measly HD display....)
> What genius picked that terrible picture--of some non-real looking,
> rough-hewn dolls with artificial colors--to "showcase" the quality of
> the display?  And, what HTML genius decided to use a 300x225 pixel  
> image
> and let the browser scale it to 351x257 pixels (which is a few pixels
> off of proper aspect ratio, even)?
> Guess they figured that the people who would consider buying this  
> aren't
> going to be swayed by pretty pictures and "fancy" HTML pages...
> Anyway, nice display--even if you can't tell from the picture on the
> page.  :)

Right up there when they have a "simulated picture" on the TV set  
during the TV Ad.

Or back in the old days when they were trying to sell us color TVs,  
how do you represent a color picture on a B+W set, because if the  
viewer already had a color set he wouldn't be a potential customer  
(nobody had more than 1 set back then).

Or the promo telling you why you should subscribe to HBO, which is  
*on* HBO,  so you can't see it unless you already subscribe?

Who said Madison Avenue was smart ?

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