[mythtv-users] Only seing channel from one source?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Feb 10 20:33:24 UTC 2007

Nick Morrott wrote:
> My advice at this stage would be to:

I agree with this idea but I'll add a few details...

0) Backup you database in it's current state if for no other
reason than reference.

> 1) Delete all video sources (make sure you choose the Delete All option)
> 2) Delete all capture cards (choose the Delete All option again)
> 3) Add your DVB card. Add and configure your DVB video source
> including adding your channels from channels.conf. Configure the Input
> connection for the DVB card.
> 4) Exit mythtv-setup and run mythfilldatabase to get some program listings.

Run "mythfilldatabase --max-days 1" for quick test data, You
are going to remove this again so no need for a full grab.

> 5) Startup mythbackend and then mythfrontend and make sure scheduling,
> LiveTV and recordings work on your DVB card.
> 6) _Once this is working_ configure your other cards, adding them in
> descending order of preference.

At this point "delete from program;". After you've added your
second source, card and input, do mfdb --max-days 1 again to
make sure it is populating all channels on both inputs with today's
data ("select chanid,count(*) from program group by chanid;").

In live TV, flip through all the channels on one input, press
"Y" to change to the other card and flip through all the channels
there too. Schedule a show on a station that is only on a channel
from one of the sources, one from only the other source, and one
from a station that has channels on both sources. For this last
one, go into the recording rule options under Scheduling Options
and set the preferred input to the other source to see that the
scheduled changes to assign it to the other channel.

--  bjm

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