[mythtv-users] I just added a PCHD5500 card to my backend, now what?

Derek Tattersall tatters at newsguy.com
Sat Feb 10 14:06:04 UTC 2007

I just added a PCHDTV5500 card to my backend, which also has a PVR500 
card in it. After some messing around, I am now able to receive the 
broadcast digital signals with the DVB card. I have the PVR500  card 
connected to the cable. I get my program information from Zap2it for the 
cable connection, and that part of the system works just fine.

What I would like to know is how do I set up the DVB card in Mythtv? The 
card shows up in the set up screen, but I haven't figured out how to set 
up the video source. I need to set up a separate source of channel 
information for the DVB card right? How do I configure Mythtv to use the 
PVR500 for the cable channels, and the DVB card for the broadcast 
channels only? Also the program line up on the HD broadcast channels is 
sometimes different for the line up on the regular channels. How do I 
get this information into Mythtv?

Is there a HOWTO for this kind of setup somewhere?


Derek Tattersall                    tatters at newsguy.com

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