[mythtv-users] Only seing channel from one source?

Jan Johansson j2 at mupp.net
Sat Feb 10 00:52:18 UTC 2007

>You seem to possibly have some duplicate entries in both your channel
>(chanids 5511-18) and dtv_multiplex tables (sourceid4, you mention
>only sources 1,3 and 5).

I think I have added / re-added something a few times. Yes.

I think I should delete all the DVB-channels, all the DVB-sources and
empty the multiplex table. 

That should clear me up, yes?

>I'm also guessing the xmltvids are not configured properly for the
>channels and/or the grabber has not yet retrieved any data.

I actually did get some data, but only for some of the channels, but
this may be a grabber problem.

>For channels (individual records in the channel table) to be
>considered equal for listings purposes, the XMLTVID for each similar
>channel needs to be the same to use the same listings data when using
>For channels to be considerd equal for scheduling, the CALLSIGN needs
>to be the same for each similar channel.

>For several 'equal' channels to displayed only once in the guide, you
>also to ensure that CHANNUM is the same for each channel.

If I clear out the channels, and get some data into them with the
grabber, and then edit "callsign" and "channum" manually. Will I break
anything, or should that work?

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