[mythtv-users] Myth frontend on PPC OSX?

Justin Kim justinlkim at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 19:49:43 UTC 2007

At 1:21 PM -0500 2/9/07, Todd Ignasiak wrote:
>Also, regarding the PPC Mini,   I assume you're just going to be doing
>SD video..   To do HD, you'll need some more horsepower,  probably a
>Core Duo 1.66GHz minimum.

	FYI, my 1.83GHz Core Duo has problems with HD video unless I 
turn off the "Scale Video as Necessary" setting (which, of course, 
makes SD video postage stamp sized).  I'm planning on cracking my 
Mini and attempting to upgrade the processor as soon as price on the 
2.0GHz Core 2 Duo comes down a little.


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