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david abbey zam62 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 9 15:46:45 UTC 2007

Ok, here is what I have done.  

I rebuilt the machine with a fresh install of FC6 and
now have kernel version 2.6.19-1.2895.fc6 i686 as
reported by uname.

I loaded mythtv-suite and all the dependencies.
I Loaded lirc-kmdl-($KVER) and lirc-dev.
When I do a "modprobe lirc_serial"I get the following
FATAL: Error inserting lirc_serial
Invalid module format
FATAL: Error running install command for lirc_serial

I used to get the same error for lirc_dev, but now
when I do a modprobe lirc_dev I get nothing returned.

What causes the "Invalid Module format" error?

On 07/02/07, david abbey <zam62[at]yahoo.com> wrote: 
> I have made my own IR serial receiver and have 
> installed LIRC. However, when I start LIRC and 
> IRW/mode2, I get no response when pressing a remote 
> control button. 
> is there a way to deduce whether this is a remote 
> issue, an LIRC issue, or an IR receiver issue? Can I

> safely deduce that it is not a LIRC issue because
> and mode2 get connected? Does it make a difference
> what remotes are being used; doe the IR/LIRC grab
> button press regardless? 

Homebrew serial IR receivers should pick up most/all
IR remotes. 
However, if you are wanting to test if the receiver is
working, mode2 
is the one to use. irw requires a valid
/etc/lircd.conf file for your 
remote to produce output. mode2 will let you know if a
signal is being 
received over the serial port. 

Testing whether the remote is working can be achieved
by looking at 
the IR LED through a digital camera/camcorder
(sensitive to IR light) 
whilst pressing buttons. 

If the receiver is being detected, the output in the
lirc log output 
should say something like: 

Feb 7 12:43:38 marge kernel: lirc_serial:
auto-detected active low receiver 

You need to release the kernel's serial port driver
from the serial 
port using setserial before loading the lirc modules,
and you should 
have lirc_dev and lirc_serial modules loaded. 

Finally, what LIRC devices do you have when the
modules are loaded, 
and which device is lircd being started with? There
can be issues when 
lircd is started with a missing /dev/lirc device when

> I have ripped a couple of my DVD's to play on my 
> mythbox. One of them plays fine and the other is 
> choppy. The only difference that I can see is that 
> one VOB was 8Gb and the other only 4Gb. Does Gt 
> rendering Vs OpenGl rendering matter while watching 
> vids? Any info will be appreciated. 


> Nvidia 5200 video card 

With XvMC support and a 5200 card, your machine should
be capable of 
playing regular DVDs. Which video output method is
your frontend 
using? Are you deinterlacing output? 

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