[mythtv-users] pchdtv 5500, verizon fios, and ota, oh my!

Kurt Yoder ktymyth at yoderhome.com
Fri Feb 9 06:24:25 UTC 2007

On Feb 8, 2007, at 11:52 PM, Jerry Rubinow wrote:

>> I'm not sure that I only get MOCA and not QAM. I just assumed it was
>> so since I didn't detect any channels when scanning. Is there some
>> way of finding out one way or the other? I'm assuming verizon tech
>> support is useless...
> I'm pretty sure a large portion of the northeast Verizon fiber is fed
> from a single head end.  Of course, I suppose it's possible they
> install different ONTs or different firmware on the ONTs at people's
> houses that encode the signal onto the coax differently, but that
> would mean nonstandard equipment.  Besides, isn't MOCA just something
> that allows set top boxes within a house to communicate with each
> other?

I must have been scanning it incorrectly. I just hooked the fios  
cable back up to the 5500 and tried scanning a few different ways.  
Now I'm getting locks, but I'm not sure what to do next. I scanned  
using scan type "full scan", frequency table "cable high", atsc  
modulation "qam 64" (also tried "qam 128" and "qam 256").

After the scan is done, on channels 78-86, I see "no signal". On  
channels 87-123 I get "no tables". It seems to have found something  
on channel 123, but isn't sure what to call it; default was  
"UNKNOWN123#6". On channels 124-159 I get "no tables".

> In any case, did you check the wiki or the mailing list archive to see
> if there's anything about configuring a 5500 for QAM use?

I'm looking around Google and the myth lists but not seeing anything  
about the aforementioned issues.


Kurt Yoder

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