[mythtv-users] pchdtv 5500, verizon fios, and ota, oh my!

Kurt Yoder ktymyth at yoderhome.com
Fri Feb 9 02:13:30 UTC 2007

Hello all

I sunk some money into a pchdtv 5500 a few months ago, and now I'm  
thinking about good ways to integrate it into my various TV signal  
sources for my myth box. I have a few channels I can get OTA (metro  
Washington DC area), especially if I get a decent antenna. I also  
have Verizon FIOS and an SD set top box I could use for capturing  
purposes. I'm thinking of two possibilities for using these signal  

1. The FIOS coaxial cable outputs MOCA instead of the QAM that cable  
companies provide. I don't think I can get anything by connecting a  
Verizon coax cable directly from the wall to the pchdtv card since it  
is QAM-only (I tried it, and a scan of the channels returned  
nothing). It would be really cool if I could find some way to  
overcome this so I could pull HD directly off the Verizon coax cable  
and avoid the 15$/month HD set top box fee. I don't mind only getting  
the unencrypted channels, since this is what I'd get OTA anyway. I'm  
assuming it would need some kind of MOCA to QAM converter. Does such  
a beast exist?

2. If this is not possible, I'm thinking another option would be to  
connect the Verizon SD set top box to the pchdtv 5500. Would I be  
able to have the pchdtv record in SD instead of generating huge hi- 
res SD recordings? Also, would it be possible to simultaneously hook  
the pchdtv to the antenna so I could get HD OTA signal on some channels?

Has anyone tried either scenario 1. or 2.?

Sorry to post to this list; I first tried the pchdtv forums. Their  
signup doesn't seem to be working, and the forum is over-run with  


Kurt Yoder

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