[mythtv-users] www.BarCampUSA.org tickets went on sale this week

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Thu Feb 8 22:28:19 UTC 2007

Hi Guys and Girls, Freaks and Geeks,


I know most of you are familiar with the www.Barcamp.org
<http://www.barcamp.org/>  events but I'm writing to let you know about
a 'mega' barcamp that is occurring on the 23rd to 26th of August 2007
www.BarCampUSA.org <http://www.barcampusa.org/>  





What would you want to do to the BarCamp concept if you could change
some things...........



Q.	"How about make it longer"........                         A.
Well naturally..... How would 24 hours a day for 4 days straight suit

Q.  "How about having more people".......                   A.   I was
thinking about the same thing, would 5,000+ people be enough for you?

Q.  "How about having entertainment at night"......      A.   Would a
couple of different bands, video DJ's, and film demonstrations fit that
requirement (oh and a LAN Party to die for).

Q   "Can I be involved"........                                      A.
Yep discussion topics, volunteering committees, organization committees
are being formed now.




If this sounds like something of interest to you then head over to
www.BarCampUSA.org <http://www.barcampusa.org/>  

It's in Wisconsin  (yeh I know....but I hear they don't bite...:-) and
they have electricity and the internet in Wisconsin as well......oh and
they have a space big enough for 5,000-10,000+ of us to get together -
want to try organize that in New York?)


If you want to help out the Asterisk cause then go and register at
http://www.barcampusa.com/wiki/index.php?title=Mythtv and include
details on what you want your topic to be about.



Discounts and benefits for people who buy tickets or companies that
sponsor before 1st of May.


Tickets went on sale this week at http://www.barcampusa.com/tickets.htm 


If you work for a company that might like to help keep costs to a
minimum by being a sponsor then check out


(oh and btw if you are part of a startup looking for funding....check
out an event I'm organizing
http://www.barcampusa.com/wiki/index.php?title=SpeedPitchShootout )


Please also forward this email to anyone who you know would be
interested, especially if they live overseas, I'm really trying to make
this as global event as possible. People are already calling this the
"Woodstock of our generation"  so lets try and make it as special as
this opportunities deserves.





Dean Collins

P.S. this will be the last email I send to the list about BarCamp until
at least August so if you read this far and think I wasted your
bandwidth chill until then ok :-)



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