[mythtv-users] Frontend/Backend Hardware Suggestions on a Budget

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Feb 8 06:18:27 UTC 2007

On Feb 7, 2007, at 11:02 PM, Ryan wrote:

> The build I am currently thinking of:
> $76.99 CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB DDR 400
> $59.00 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice 2.0GHz socket 939 for $12 I may  
> go with the 3800 for 2.4 GHz

I'm assuming that "$12" is a typo ? or perhaps not USD ? But your  
mention of NewEgg inplies you are in the USA.

Don't neglect the Opteron 165 as a possible CPU. It's around $120US  
(what I think you meant), is a dual-core chip and overclocks  
beautifully. It's sometimes ignored as a "server" chip but that's  
primarily marketing.

An Athlon64 4000+ can be had for $95

I think your decision to go with a 939 system is a good one for  
performance/price these days.

> $59.99 BIOSTAR GEFORCE 6100-M9 Socket 939 Micro ATX
> HD, I am still deciding how fast of a sata I should get, how large  
> it should be, and how large of a cache
> I do need a graphics card with component out since I have a crappy  
> TV here at school, but it could have s-video if there is some sort  
> of inexpensive cable for s-video to component.

S-Video output is common and cheap, component output is neither. S- 
Video to true "component" would take more than a cable.

> I was thinking about maybe using a Hauppauge 350 for video out  
> instead, but I do not know how easy this might be.

As has been mentioned the 350's output is not actively supported  
anymore and you would not be able to use the OpenGL stuff.

> If I get a graphics card I will probably go for the budget  
> Hauppauge 150.

As was mentioned here just tonight be careful of the new 150s that  
have chips not supported by IVTV.

> These prices are all from newegg...If there are any recommendations/ 
> suggestions, let me know. This will be my first Mythbox and yes it  
> will be only for PVR uses. Any thing you could suggest to help me  
> avoid common noob errors in selecting parts. It will be my main  
> frontend/backend box. If you know of any better deals that would  
> help a lot also. This is a budget system remember! Thanks for any  
> help you could offer!  And Thank you for all the help you have  
> given me so far!

NewEgg tends to be a little high on some items, be sure to look around.

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