[mythtv-users] DVD -vs Recordings

Trey Thompson treythompson at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 15:55:23 UTC 2007

> >>> Just noticed...  my ripped ISO files play the perfect size on my TV,
> >>> but recordings just don't seem to fit right (95% OK, but just not
> >>> exact).
> >>>
> >>> Totally no big deal, I just thought the video to the screen would be
> >>> about the same...
> >>>
> >>> I'm on a week old SVN, FC5, nVidia 6200 TC.
> >>>
> >>
> >> What resolution are you recording at? You may be recording at 640x480
> >> instead of the 720x480 that a DVD is recorded at (assuming NTSC).
> >>
> >> This assumes also that you are recording with a PVR or similar, and
> >> thus have control of the recorded resolution.
> >
> > My Default profile is 720x480.  All recordings use that profile.
> How are you playing back your ISOs? Perhaps you are using mplayer and
> passing the "full screen mode" flag to it when it starts.
> Your recordings might be being played back in a window that is
> "almost" but not quite full screen.
> I'm just guessing here because I don't know the details of your
> setup, but it's probably something like that.
> Might be interesting to make a DVD of one of your recordings, then
> rip it and play the ISO and see the results.
> Ultimately you must find out if it's a difference in the actual
> recordings or in the way they are being played back.

Ahh, might be getting somewhere here.

Default Video Player = mplayer -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv %s
DVD Player Command = Internal

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