[mythtv-users] Ubuntu Edgy - MythWeb

Alexander Böhm babyfly at gmx.net
Wed Feb 7 12:47:21 UTC 2007

A  "sudo a2enmod rewrite"  should help you, for exact 5min i had the 
same problem on my first Ubuntu/Mythbox and found that the modules are 
not enabled by default but all installed.

After the  sudo a2enmod rewrite do a /etc/init.d/apache2 restart and 
hopefully all is set


A JM schrieb:
> I don't want this thread to turn south so I'll just leave it at the
> facts and avoid the he/she said stuff.
> Since my problem was when I was trying to install Mythweb I "assumed"
> it related to myth and someone with some more experience with Ubuntu
> and mythweb might be able to shed some light on the subject..at least
> I didn't start the topic with "OT"...
> Well, I made some progress. I'm able to get Mythweb on the same
> machine as the backend but not from another on the network. That
> should answer a lot of unanswered questions as to the setup the box
> so, in fairness Strollers point was valid...
> Since the IP of the backend is it appears that mythweb
> is having a problem with it as it will load on
> http://localhost/mythweb. My experience with setting up a Web on
> Ubuntu has not allowed me to make decisions as to what could be the
> problem so I'm relying on your input(s).
> "Try running apachectl again and seeing what other errors show up (and
> please let me know so that I can include this stuff in the install
> documentation or the wiki)."
> Unlesss the link exists on my Ubuntu Edgy when I try and restart
> apache I get a [fail]. It appears by default that ' mod_env' is
> compiled into apache.
> mythtv at mythtv2:/etc$ sudo apache2 -l
> Compiled in modules:
>  core.c
>  mod_access.c
>  mod_auth.c
>  mod_log_config.c
>  mod_logio.c
>  mod_env.c
>  mod_setenvif.c
>  prefork.c
>  http_core.c
>  mod_mime.c
>  mod_status.c
>  mod_autoindex.c
>  mod_negotiation.c
>  mod_dir.c
>  mod_alias.c
>  mod_so.c
> On the other hand mod_rewrite needs to be linked. (sudo ln -s
> /etc/apache2/mods-available/rewrite.load
> /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/rewrite.load)
> mythtv at mythtv2:~$ sudo apache2ctl configtest
> Syntax error on line 126 of /etc/apache2/conf.d/mythweb.conf:
> Invalid command 'RewriteEngine', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a
> module not included in the server configuration
> This is line 126:
>    # Turn on the rewrite engine
>        RewriteEngine  on
> Thanks for all the input and suggestions.
> AJM,
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