[mythtv-users] Confused about the channel editor / adding HDTV QAM channels

Phil Bridges gravityhammer at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 11:31:30 UTC 2007

What am I missing when it comes to adding my channels from my new QAM
HDTV card?  I have the card installed, and I did a channel scan.  From
there, I was able to go into live TV mode (with no stuttering on a
3000+)  and view the few HD channels I can get.  This is when I ran
into problems, though.

I could edit the channels (mostly local), and I assigned the same
callsigns to them as my analog channels (for instance, WSB, which is
channel 3 on my analog cable.  After I did this, I could no longer
tune to that channel using the up/down keys.  Does this sound correct?
 It is as if Myth is trying to tune to the actual channel 3 (or it may
even be 2) on my HD card.

In addition, when I just looked at my listings via Mythweb, I don't
even have my WSB listed.  In it's place, on channel 3, I now have:

Adding Channel 3

What am I doing wrong?  Hoe do I set up MythTV to (a) show only the HD
channels that I want to watch in HD and (b) let me tune into and
record listings off those channels?

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