[mythtv-users] Frontend/Backend Hardware Suggestions on a Budget

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Feb 7 08:37:14 UTC 2007

On Feb 6, 2007, at 6:14 PM, Ryan wrote:

> Hi I am looking to make a combo frontend/backend combo Myth Box,  
> but I was looking to keep things relatively cheap.  I have looked  
> at the Pundit cases with AMD Processor support.
> I basically want to keep prices low, while making a quiet Box.  I  
> need:
> A Barebone System with integrated video out
> or a PC case/mobo/graphics card for HTPC functionality
> I am looking at using the device for a non HD environment.
> I need suggestions for the entire system.
> Thanks for any help you could offer!

Small, quiet, cheap. Pick any two, you can't have all three.

Quiet and cheap means big and ugly, and probably not all that quiet,  
no way around it unless you are a case modder.

If you want to keep it cheap you are going to have to give up on  
small or quiet, or at least part of both.

A FE/BE is going to need hard drives, so you will have at least the  
noise of them, plus enough fans to keep the drives, CPU, RAM and  
video card cool. You may want to consider separate machines if noise  
is a big factor to you.

Cheap would be a generic ATX case, which can be made somewhat quiet  
by choosing a proper CPU cooler, fanless video card and decent power  
supply. This is functional but will look like heck.

You said "HTPC". That implies "Living Room" appearance, and such  
cases can cost as much as the entire machine above. It also implies  
good quality audio, which means either a high-end mobo or separate  
sound card, and more money.

Go to:


And search the users list for "hardware plans". You will see that  
this has been being discussed for a few days. Check the working  
systems on the WiKi.

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