[mythtv-users] Streaming video / music to a wii

Leigh Jurus jurus001 at umn.edu
Wed Feb 7 05:05:07 UTC 2007

> Hi,
> I've just purchased a nintendo wii and I'm wondering of ways to using mythtv
> and / or plugins (music + pics) with my new device. It has  web browser
> built by opera which can handle flash.
> So a solution to view mythtv recordings using this capability would seem
> most likely route.  I have previously setup myth to change recordings into
> a flash file  by running a command after recording; then using mythweb to
> serve this content. I wasn't keen on the extra processing for many
> recordings that I never watched. Does anyone know of a way of streaming
> content by transcoding on the fly into flash?
> Any other suggestions for wii intergration would be welcomed. Upnp a pipe
> dream? Wii layout for mythweb?

I have been using this to transcode flash on the fly:


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