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jonny Linux jonnylinux at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 17:40:18 UTC 2007

Sorry Bill, I just accidentally sent my reply to you rather than the whole

> Anyway, what will be checking the mail?  The backend?  If not, what
> platform?

Well, my idea was just to have a script on the frontend, that launched a
program (I don't know much about fetchmail, but it sounds like that would do
it), and waited for output to launch MythTVOSD.

I wrote something before to turn lights on and off when I had mail, but with
> the increase in spam it became pointless.
> Also, then how do you have it filter by user?  I like the VOSD idea, but
> there is a bunch of little issues with doing that...

Maybe - I just have a BE/FE in my bedroom, which is where I imagined the
script would run, so theres no real problem for me. My FE downstairs could
run a similar script for a different account if we wanted to.

> * My wife does not want to see my mail - I also don't want her to see that
> I got a Newgg order confirmation in :)
> * Spam
> * I don't want to see her email about this and that..
> * I don't want to see notification for every mail from Mythtv-users (I
> love you guys, but sometimes its best to have a little time without).

I have several email addresses (and gmail addresses), the spam detection in
GMail usually seems quite good, and I wouldn't use this email address which
is subscribed to this list! I very rarely get spam for my main GMail address
- so I wouldn't mind an OSD message for each one.

> It would not be bad to whip up something in perl that checked accounts and
> sent VOSD signals.  I would definitely limit it to a white list of senders
> and / or domains though.
> The grail of integration would be a click "L" or whatever to view, then
> have it popup in a window onscreen :) - but that is beyond my skill level

Yes - great idea!  I'm really busy at the moment so I can't do much coding
but I'd like to experiment with it!

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