[mythtv-users] MythWeb: asx stream is kinda `choppy`

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Feb 6 17:19:26 UTC 2007

> I don't see what on-the-fly transcoding necessarily has to do with
> file management however.  The transcode user jobs that are mentioned
> above are not on-the-fly.  I used user jobs for a while to produce
> flash video for remote viewing until I changed to using vlc to
> transcode files on-the-fly and this does not leave any additional
> files behind to manage.  Using on-the-fly transcoding resulted in less
> wasted disk space and much less processor load since it only
> transcoded those few files we actually wanted rather than every one.

First off, VLC can't properly handle NUV files (it develops AV sync
issues).  As far as I know, it's also incapable of interacting with
LiveTV or MythTV's cutlist/flaglist, either.  A different solution is
needed in order to support the large number of MythTV users who still
use framegrabber cards and/or like to transcode their files to NUV.
Also, uncached on-the-fly transcoding is a HUGE waste of cpu resources
if more than one person is viewing files.

What Chris Pinkham said about user jobs is not directly in contradiction
to "on the fly" either -- it just means that when something is
transcoded on request via MythWeb, it's then cached so that the NEXT
time that someone wants to stream that file, it's already there and
waiting for you.

> I understand that the developers do not want to add another
> dependency, especially one as large as vlc, however is there any hope
> of providing an option in mythweb to support a mythstreamtv type of
> functionality for those that do install vlc?

I can tell you this right now:  MythWeb will *never* officially add a
requirement for the beast that is VLC.  Ffmpeg (which happens to be what
MythTV's own software encoding is based on) is more than enough for
transcoding to streamable formats.

However, the new more modular architecture in .21 should make it a LOT
easier for plugins like mythstreamtv to work.


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