[mythtv-users] NAS RAID 5 for MythTv

Tom Lichti tom at redpepperracing.com
Tue Feb 6 16:30:45 UTC 2007

Jeffery Swan wrote:
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>     Jeffery Swan wrote:
>     > If this is how it works (and I am assuming it is) I am thinking
>     > that to reduce network traffic, I should put the NAS on a
>     > seperate subnet. If the myth tv backend(s) have two NICs each
>     > with one NIC dedicated to the NAS subnet and the other for the
>     > front ends the network traffic should be much more stream lined.
>     Are you really going to use more than 100mbit of traffic? Surely
>     the IO
>     of the raid 5 will be the bottleneck - rather than your network?
>     Unless
>     HD records at higher than 12MB a sec which seems unlikely to me.
>     Raid 0 will improve write speeds which is available on FreeNas - but
>     then no redundancy.
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> Actually I have 9 Front ends, 4 Backends, 6 Directv receivers and 
> capture cards, 4 Security cameras with associated capture cards, and 
> nearly 5 TB of Video/Audio/Photos. The reason I am looking at NAS is 
> to move all my storage out of the Backends. My goal is to use 3 old 
> mini-tower cases with 4 500 GIG drives each all on a Gigabit backbone. 
> I was hoping that having the seperate cases would aleviate the 
> bottleneck issue.
Ok, you win. Yeechang has been beaten!
> Does anyone know... can I use LVM over multiple NAS so that it all looks like a big /multimedia drive? I'll have to do some more experimenting when I get 
> another NAS up and running.
I don't know about that, but you could use iSCSI to create a
virtual RAID0 stripe on top of multiple NAS mount points, assuming the 
OS you are using supports iSCSI.


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