[mythtv-users] Mandrive Free 2007 & MythTV .20

Mark Schuren schuren at ultra.de
Tue Feb 6 13:02:10 UTC 2007


sorry I know of no written guide. I run mythtv-0.20-fixes on Mandriva 2007.0
without any issues. It was necessary to install several "-devel" 
packages from
the distribution in order to be able to compile mythtv from source. E.g. 
I needed
the QT-devel packages, MySQL-devel and so on. If you need a more detailed
list, I can obtain one when I'm home again (tomorrow).

I had some trouble with the ffmpeg package that came with Mandriva,
so I also compiled ffmpeg cvs from scratch in order to use the mytharchive
feature without flaws.

If you need more info about my system or additional installed software, feel
free to ask in more detail.


Padayachee, Mervin UTCFS wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does anyone have a complete tested guide to installing MythTV on above 
> distro. I know that there is much success with Fedora Core 6 and 
> Ubuntu 6.10 but I'd like to try and install on my Mandriva box. I am a 
> newbie to Linux but I know my way around the OS.
> Thanks
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