[mythtv-users] Only seing channel from one source?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Feb 6 00:06:48 UTC 2007

Jan Johansson wrote:
>> My system only sees "Kanal 5" on the slave backend, on my "ComHem"

What does it mean to "see"? While this may be obvious to you
as you try whatever you are trying, I could only guess what
you are doing and what the result is.

> video source (Source ID 3), which means that only encoder 7 (Which is
> Composite-0 of /dev/video0 on my slave >backend) can record it. Encoder
>> 5&6 is the PVR-500 in my master backend, which uses the "Antenn" video
> source (Source ID 1) also has that channel available, and I cannot
> figure out why it does not use these tuners.

If you successfully truncated the table, the auto-increment
would have been reset and the new numbers would have been 1,
2 and 3 rather than 5, 6 and 7. You now have this as "7" where
this was "3" before, correct? If you've re-added the cards, this
should fix any input name problems and you may be able to go
forward. However, you may want to renumber these once you get
things figured out. It's possible that you may be using an old
version of myth where the card delete options were being changed.
However, this will fix it for sure:

Stop all myth frontends and backends.

$ mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
mysql> truncate table cardinput;
mysql> truncate table capturecard;
mysql> quit
$ mythtv-setup

> However... The channel "TV3" which is also available on both "Antenn"
> and "ComHem" _does_ schedule properly. Tuner 5 handles that channel, so
> there seem to be something magical about "Kanal 5".

Of all the possibilities (and there are many) magic is unlikely
to be the root cause.

Do you have TV listings for both chanid 9 and chanid 1001?

mysql> select count(*) from program where chanid=1001;
mysql> select count(*) from program where chanid=9;

What happens if you enter live TV, press "9", Enter? Does
it show "Kanal 5"? What if you press "I"nfo; does it show
the correct title and description? Press "Y" to change inputs
and look at the input identifer each time you change. Check
"9" for "Kanal 5" and it's program info for all three inputs.

--  bjm

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