[mythtv-users] Laggy time-seeks?

William Pettersson enigma at strudel-hound.com
Mon Feb 5 12:31:38 UTC 2007

I've had this mythtv setup running for a while now.  I have a backend 
with one tuner, and the hard drives.  It's an XP1700+, 512MB RAM.  Over 
a 100MBit network we get to my frontend, a 3500+ with 2GB of RAM, and an 
NVidia gfx card.
Ever since a blackout about a week ago, I've had 2-3 seconds of lag 
between pressing "right" or "left", and the video catching up.  During 
these 2-3 seconds, audio continues going as normal, while video freezes. 
  After this, it seeks and starts playing at the expected time.

The backend runs at 0.00 to 0.05 load averages.  The frontend is roughly 
the same.  According to 'top', the backend uses less than 5% CPU 
(including mysqld and nfs).  The frontend uses around 10% of the CPU 
while watching (standard def. digital).
The network does support 100MBit, while watching TV I can also get 
transfer rates of 9.4 MB/s, and I can break 10 MB/s if I don't do 
anything on the network.

Anyone able to think of reasons behind my lag during timeseeks?


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