[mythtv-users] MythMusic DecoderMad

Keith Millar keith at fnkmillar.com
Sun Feb 4 19:31:36 UTC 2007

Paul Bender wrote:
> Keith Millar wrote:
>> brian wrote:
>>>>>    Does the Suse FE have read(/write) access to the directory containing 
>>>>> your music files?
>>>> yes
>>>    Okay.  The error message seems to indicate otherwise.
>>>    Next question:  is the path to the music files, from the Suse FE's 
>>> vantage point, the same as it is on the Gentoo FE/BE ?   That is to say, 
>>> if the music is stored in '/var/music' on the FE/BE, is that directory 
>>> mounted as such (/var/music) on the Suse FE machine?  This path (path to 
>>> music files) is stored in the database, along with the actual filename 
>>> of the mp3 file in question.   When the FE tries to play an mp3 file, 
>>> the 'music directory' (/var/music/) and the filename (playthis.mp3) are 
>>> concatenated (/var/music/playthis.mp3), and then the file is opened.
>> The paths to the music files are the same on both machines
> How are you sharing the files?
> On the FE where it does not work, can you copy the file that will not play?
> The reason I ask is that there is a bug in some versions of Samba that 
> resulted in being able to list the shared directory but not be able to 
> read the files.

Yes I can copy the file with samba
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