[mythtv-users] mythtv hardware plans

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Feb 4 16:11:03 UTC 2007

On Feb 4, 2007, at 8:49 AM, jason maxwell wrote:

> I just realized that HDHR does not handle any analog channels. Is
> there a solution that will give me both analog and digital with HD,
> without too many major issues? Or would it be better to go with
> something like the HDHR and add a couple PVR cards as well. I'm not
> very familiar with MythTV yet, would this be a pain when trying to
> watch live TV? ie, would I have to keep cycling thru menus to choose
> which tuner i want when surfing? I really would like to just be able
> to surf as I do on my TV, but have it recording for time shifting when
> I settle on something.
> -J

I'll let someone else answer your main question, there are several  
possibilities, I'd personally go for a PVR card but it's up to you.

You can number the channels in such a way that analog and digital are  
tuned separately and easily.

But your desire to "surf as I do on my TV" is probably going to go by  
the boards. Most Myth users do not watch live TV nearly as often as  
they used to (some do, I know).

You "surf" via the channel guide, allowing you to "ride the waves" of  
the next 2 weeks, not just what's on at the moment. Surfing in the  
traditional manner usually lands you on a commercial, so you wind up  
using the on-screen guide to figure out what's on that channel  
anyway, so you might as well use "browse" mode in that case.

Most commercials will become a thing of the past for you, at least in  
the US, it's somewhat less effective in other locales.

Your very question proves your statement that you are not very  
familiar with MythTV, nothing wrong with that as we all started at  
one time.

If you really want to "surf as you do on your tv" and only use Myth  
for time shifting after finally landing on a channel, seeing the  
commercials, figuring out what the program is and then finally  
winding up recording only part of it - get a TiVo or a commercial DVR.

Myth will change your TV viewing life, believe it.

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