[mythtv-users] MythTV : Thank You

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Sun Feb 4 04:48:01 UTC 2007

Rich West wrote:
> Brian Schott wrote:
>> On Feb 3, 2007, at 2:00 PM, Brian Wood wrote:
>>> I've been running Linux machines since 1993 and I still consider
>>> myself a "novice", because I've worked with kids less than half my
>>> age who can blow me out of the water when it comes to Unix :-)
>> You've really been running Linux since 93?  That's like since day  
>> one!  Or did you mean Unix?  Ignoring the really funky machines, I've  
>> taken a meandering path from VMS, to Ultrix, to SunOS, to IRIX, to  
>> Slowaris (Solaris), to Linux (and most recently riding roman in the  
>> BSD camp with Darwin/OSX :-). I just wish everybody would stop  
>> fiddling with where they place their stinking config files!
>> What distribution are most MythTV users running?  I started with  
>> Fedora, but had a heck of a time every time an update happened.  I  
>> asked one of our RedHat jockeys at work "how do you go from FC5 to  
>> FC6?".  The answer was "nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be  
>> sure".  So, I switched back to Debian unstable and have been pretty  
>> happy since.
> I'm guessing he meant unix in general. :)  Linux was pretty much a 
> complete unknown back in '93.  Back then, all we had were Sun 360's and 
> Sparc 1's running SunOS 4.0.x.

Seeing his response (that I missed), I realize he did, indeed, mean 
Linux. :)


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