[mythtv-users] DVB-T card with high sensitivity

Matthew Harrison lists at mwharrison.co.uk
Sat Feb 3 22:40:35 UTC 2007


I've already done all of those suggestions that I can do without 
ladders. The lead from the aerial is an old analogue grade one, but I've 
put a distribution amp on the wall where the wire comes in. The back end 
sits just under that. There is probably 2 meters of wire from the aerial 
to the amp and half a meter from the amp to the backend.

I would be surprised if the capabilities of DVB cards have not improved 
in the years since my card came out though. Perhaps sensitive was the 
wrong word, perhaps discriminating would have been better. After all, a 
better noise filter in the card's tuner should make a card better able 
to pull the signal from the noise.


Mike Choy wrote:
> Matt
> sadly this is not really an option for digital reception. A more
> sensitive card is also more sensitive to noise. You dont change the
> signal to noise ratio by having a better card. There really is no option
> than to either get the aerial re-done, or more likely the cause of your
> problem is the down lead, which is probably an analogue grade downlead.
> Replace with digital quality cable will make a huge diff. If you cant do
> this then think about a signal booster as close to the aeriel its self
> (ie up in the loft) that way you are not also amplifying the noise that
> the downlead picks up.
> have a read of this for more info
> http://www.megalithia.com/elect/aerialsite/dttcon.html
> Kind regards
> Mike C
> Matthew Harrison wrote:
>> I have a very old WinTV NOVA-T PCI card (version 1.2) which gets 
>> marginal reception. By marginal, I mean some channels are perfect, some 
>> break-up and some I can't get at all.
>> As realigning my rooftop aerial would be expensive (either to get 
>> someone round, or to buy ladders), I was wondering if anyone could 
>> recommend a more sensitive card?
>> This is for a backend machine in my loft, I could go for PCI or USB.
>> My system is running Debian Etch with kernel  2.6.18-3-486.
>> Thanks,
>> Matt,

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